Freezing during lessons

Lately while doing lessons, WaniKani will freeze on me and I’m unable to advance to the next item in the queue. I usually can’t make it through more than one set of 5 items before it freezes up and requires a page reset.

Anybody have any ideas as to why this would happen? Thanks in advance for any and all help and information!

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Maybe you left an active review or lesson tab open on a different device/browser (or the same one)? This seems to be a thing happens then.

I want to say I know that’s not the case, but I haven’t been to work in a while so it’s possible I left it open on my computer there. I’ll have to check when I go back on a Friday and see if that’s causing it.

Different device/browser shouldn’t matter. And usually the side effect of having multiple sessions open in the same browser is that the input shakes when you try to answer, not the page freezing.

@Houndstooth Are you running any scripts on the lesson page?


I am, an thought that might be an issue, but it doesn’t feel like I’m running too many (just 8). Is it possible any of them are conflicting with each other?

All it takes is one broken script or two in conflict to break a page. Which ones are you running?

This is the best way I’ve found to find out the root cause:

  1. Disable all your scripts and verify that everything works.
  2. Assuming it does, enable one script at a time until you find the one causing the problem.
  3. Enable and disable scripts as needed to confirm your suspicions.
  4. Report the bug to the script creator in the thread for that script.

I had this same problem! I reached out to WaniKani and they said to do exactly what @seanblue suggested. My lessons started working again normally but I never figured out exactly which script was causing trouble.

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I think I have the same problem, after one set of 5 lessons I often start seeing the lesson page get slower and slower until it completely freezes. It doesn’t happen all the times but it’s quite common.
I’m sure I don’t have multiple sessions running at the same time and I don’t have any scripts installed so I’m assuming some chrome extension must be the cause.

Anyway it’s just a mildly inconvenient issue so no big deal, when I see the page getting slow I just hit refresh and move on.

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I’ve had the wiggle (without the on’yomi message) and the freeze. I’m not sophisticated, so I have no scripts. I don’t have multiple windows going. I use Firefox. When it happens, I log out and back in, and that’s always worked, but now I’ll also try refresh as was suggested. Stay tuned for further data on refresh as a fix!

Might me my laptop’s fault, but it almost always freezes the browser when I alt-tab to take notes during lessons, it also happened once or twice during reviews as well this week. It’s the only computer I use, except for the browser on my phone, to log into wanikani so it’s unlikely to be a case of another browser somewhere.

I’ll try the script thing when I get another lesson.

Might have something to do with switching on the IME editor while taking notes

Edit: Yep it seems to be the case, only happens if I have IME editor selected when switching back to the web browser.

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