Wanikani freezing

Im getting this error: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Its not my greasemonkey scripts because i get the error even with them turned off. Its only just happened and never happened before, I have tried several time to do some lessons and each time it freezes up after a few minutes.

What browser is this? Have you checked the console for errors?

chrome, no I dont know how to do that, it eventually unfreezes after about 10 minutes


Take a screenshot of what you see

when the page freezes CTRL + SHIFT + J does nothing, but it works on other pages

Try before it freezes

i disabled my extensions, cleared the console history and the problem reoccurred but nothing appeared in the console

Yeah, I don’t think those errors should cause any major problems. Is your browser up to date?


Google Chrome is up to date
Version 63.0.3239.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)

You know you’ve been doing lots of level 28 reviews when you see the thread title and think it’s about the temperature…


I did actually come in here to turn up the thermostat…

Have you considered pouring antifreeze on your computer??


Did you try putting it in rice

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yeah these comments are hilarious but not really helpful so please refrain, I am trying to get help here. I cant use WaniKani at the moment because of these issues

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Usually if you want real help and Kumi’s advice/other forum members advice does not solve your problem within a few hours, it is generally the type of thing to email the wk staff about. From what I understand, they help to resolve issues like this pretty often when other users can’t help you to figure stuff out. None of us were trying to be annoying though so sorry if it felt that way. :turtle::sparkles:

Try using WaniKani in a different browser. That could at least rule out Chrome as the problem if the issue still occurs.

Ok I was able to take new lessons just now without any problems, seems like a temporary problem.:relaxed:

PS it would be great if people could treat the bugs forum with respect and not treat it like a joke in future.

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