WaniKani could be even more useful


If they gave you a plushie for every level you surpass. Or a bottle of whiskey. I’m easy to please.


@gojarappe Is selling the knockoff plushies if @koichi doesn’t bite. I think @viet is the one to ask for whiskey.


o una caguama


Or a plushie made of whiskey.

Or lewd body pillows…


oh man, i’d start doing my lessons again if koichi would send me this giant bread plushie

hell i’d settle for a little one


That’s a lot of pillows.

I feel like it should start low (like the few stickers you get apparently on level 4), but increase as you get higher. The bottle of whiskey/nihonshu happens at level 60.


I already have all the pillows I need.


i have seen these characters as telegram stickers before. what makes them special?


I’d like maybe a… kindle or ebook for level 10 and maybe an otome game at level 20.


Asuka (bottom) is a major character in one of the most influential anime series ever, Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Esdeath (top left) is a lovesick psychopath from Akame Ga Kill.
Miia is is best girl from Monster Musume, which was extremely popular when it was first released.


Esdeath doesn’t seem that dangerous. also what makes her likeable for you?


Now I need a crabigator plushie.


Oh phew, I saw the thread title and thought it was this discussion all over again. I’m liking this much better. Crabigator pillow - YES! Why isn’t this in the Tofugu store already?


Don’t let her appearance fool you; she’ll happily commit genocide. As go why I like her, I have a thing for women who can hold their own in a fight


I hope that Tofugu decides to make plastic keychains and plushies of this Crabigator.



Also, once all items have been burned from Level 1 to Level 60 you get a free trip to Japan!

This may give the WaniKani team motivation to add fresh content to avoid payout, but that’s a win as well.

Win, Win!


… why must you all make me so sad and start imagining durtle plushies. Now I want my tomato durtle plushie. :cry:


I kinda feel like I have to write a WK otome now for this.


Just so the WaniKani team is aware, I would take a Japanese Craft Beer in place of the Whiskey.


Lewd body pillows of all our favorite level 60s?