When you reach Lvl60..?


When you reach Lvl3 you get a sticker in the mail. At Lvl60 does WK give you anything special? I heard something about a cake (is it just a sticker or an actual cake)?


I think the Tofugu team visits you in your home and smushes your face in huge cake that says おめでとう!

At least, that’s what I like to think but the 60’s should take this one. Although, I’m pretty sure you don’t get anything when you reach 60. Unless they keep that a secret.


Even better. It’s a metaphor!


koichi came to my house and made me a cake when I reached level 60.


Was it fugu flavored?


Or… poisoned?


No, tofugu is the finest faux-fugu fixing for fugu-flavored feasts free from foison.


The moment you reach level 60 (and I mean the moment) a hoard of durtles burst forth from the ground and drag you down into durtle heaven. It’s nice here you should join us.


When you get there, you are told the secret.


I’ll be sure to hold you to that.




Legend says koichi sends you a video of him eating your cake


Rumour has it that whenever a member reaches Level 60, a Durtle gets its eGoooott shell.



Well sure, you get the cake delivery, but the moment you reach level 60 is also the moment you reach enlightenment, whereupon all earthly concerns including cake become quite meaningless.

So with that in mind, in the future, Koichi will probably stop making personal deliveries.






I really, really wish they would make a cute sticker/magnet version of this and send it to people who reach 60.

I mean if it’s the budget to give stickers to whoever first subscribes willy-nilly (the minimum being literally 10$), then you’d think they could do it for people who’ve spent at least $100+ to get to 60

But the kanji knowledge is also it’s own reward. <3


inserts WK plushie idea from months back
I think I really would work harder if I knew I was getting an exclusive WK plushie. LOL. But that’s just me. I like plushies.

Especially if it’s of this guy:



Wanikani plush???