I'd like a wanikani plush toy, please

That’s it. A plush toy would make my WK experience complete.

But to offer some encouragement to other newbies like me, this has been much greater for my Japanese learning than I expected, and I regret waiting so long to jump in. I’ve been trying for years to learn Japanese (off and on), and always thought learning to read would be too tiresome and not worth the enormous effort. Because I’m kind of an old and thought my learning capacity somewhat limited.

I was so, so wrong! Before jumping in to WK, Japanese was just a jumble of syllables, and I couldn’t make any sense of the words I was learning. Even at level 8, though, I’m better able to connect the dots between the sounds and the meaning and how words are related. If anyone’s thinking about whether or not they should jump into the WK pool… do it. You’ll gnash your teeth through the first five levels or so as you’re stuck in the shallow end. But pull on those floaties – you’ll be happy you did!


Did you get your postcard + stickers yet?

I want a plush toy too.
Something big enough to hug when I am having a good kanji day.
Or punch the living daylights out of when I don’t.


I want a boob grave plushie. Get on it developers!!!


Wait, there are stickers?!

Viet as a brony plushie.
whispers oh my god


Usually you get it when you complete the free levels but a lot of people miss the email.
If you contact them at hello@wanikani.com they’ll get those to you.

Please demand Viet as a brony plushie for full effect.
@TomatoSalad, please tell me you do not plan on punching any plushies.


I would never punch my plushies!
My babies! :sob:

Shhh it's okay guys, go back to sleep

tucks in

Also, yes yes, demand the Viet Brony plushie, jjvreeland :heart:


I was wondering what was missing from my experience, and I am 150% sure you just nailed it. Bring on the plushies!!


I am so into plushies right now as I am playing this game, ぷちぐる.

In the realm of Japanese, I am very thankful to a few things, one of which is WaniKani… and I might as well support it any way I can.


In true Ryouki fashion, I must do this.

Would you purchase a WaniKani plushy? (this poll is private so please answer honestly)

  • Absolutely! Probably a few!
  • Yeah, I’d definitely buy one.
  • I’d probably buy one, depending on the price.
  • I’m not sure. I’ll think about it.
  • No, I don’t think so.

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Tagging @Viet in case he’s actually interested in the results. please, Viet, I’d literally buy them all, assuming there were multiples. :crazy_face:


Definitely one, maybe more depending on price (especially as shipping from the US is likely to be expensive). Also possible that my partner will get wind of them and decide that my birthday present is sorted :ok_hand:


I just need a plush Crabigator in my life, stat.


We need Crabigators to hug


I would immediately get at least one…and a T-shirt…and a magnet…and a mug…any crabigator merchandise… :upside_down_face:

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Hmmmm. Didn’t fully think this proposition through in terms of my cut of the profits.

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I would pay good moolah for a collection of plush durtles


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