I am begging you, please give us more Crabigator merchandise! :sob:
I like the Tofugu store, but we need some apparel! T-shirts, scarves, wigs, anything :scream:

Thank you.


I want a crabigator plushie! I WANT I WANT I WANT :sob::sob::sob::sob:


Or maybe 抱き枕 (dakimakura) with all our favorite WaniKani characters: Crabigator, Charlie Sheen, sexy construction worker こういち, and an NSFW one with evil Mrs. Chou on it!

(though I can’t promise that I would buy such things even if they existed)


Tofugu should become a seafood supplier :thinking:


yeah, let’s prepare our own fugu sashimi. I like this idea :smiley:


Wigs especially, please. I want to proclaim my loyalty to the Crabigator from my head to my toes. :sparkles:



yes pls

But Squishable Crabigator and I’ll pre-order two.


Put me down for pre-order of at least 40 WK wigs.


Throwing a party?


No, just for Thursdays.


One for every personality? :crazy_face:


Or something kinkier :wink:


I got a couple crabigator stickers when I bought my membership but I would buy 100 more if they were for sale.

EDIT: turns out they actually are for sale HERE and I just didn’t realize…


i wonder if i will recive stickers too, for fuying the 1 year membership


Really though, T-SHIRTS


I heard somewhere that they will be offering Koichi cosplay. We really will all be Koichi


If there were T-shirts up for sale, I would totally buy one.


Embed you stupid link


Check your email! After I bought my 1 year membership they sent me a survey asking for my address and they sent me a couple surprises :grin: