WaniKani Content Update: June 3, 2019

Arigatou gozaimasu!

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Ooh! Ooh! I need to start listening to the audio again. : D

There used to be a Google sheet everyone could follow a link to and modify… But that was a long time ago.

I believe the proper procedure now is to email hello@wanikani.com (er, the regular email.)

I mean if there was one that people could see and edit…or just a community post or something. Emailing them directly we lose the community benefit…

Try this one: https://www.wanikani.com/vocabulary/喉飴

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I mean, if you do Core 10k you’ll pretty much cover everything that’s common and it’s not on WK yet.

Leebo also did this, which is a start:


Aww yeah I’ve been meaning to get to that soon…good point. did you it on kitsune, or Anki?

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Kitsun :ok_hand: Gotta love the layout Hinekidori built :slight_smile:


Alright I’ll check it out then, although not sure if it’s better to start now or wait about a month and a half or so when I’ll be reaching level 60…

How’d you go about it, same speed of wanikani, or faster? Considering you have so much good info for wk on these forums, I was wondering if you have any tips for how to approach it (no I’m not asking for a guide btw haha)…

(e.g. like how many new items per day and what time of days/intervals you found was best, what you found was an effective way to utilize, the order you did it in, etc)

I was initially thinking going about in much the same way as wanikani, but considering it’s 10000, thats alot to cover (in terms of months/years) if approached with normal or even maxed out speed of wanikani pacing…

Say I want to finish by December or so, it’d be 60 new items a day, which is alot more than the amount I’ve done on wanikani (by level 60 it will have been a little under a year and a half for me total), which is about 3 times the amount I’ve been doing each day for WK!

You might want to start with smaller goals, so the 10k doesn’t drown out everything else. For example, learn 2k words from the 10k by December. Even with that, you’ll end up covering a lot more than 2k words from the 10k since you’ll be able to discard so many known words early on.


I’ve already gotten the new kanji and vocab from level 18…probably as you were updating them. I just reached level 20 so maybee that’s why ?

Thanks for the delicious kanji anyway :slight_smile:

So what happened to the other three updates that were on the pipeline? Should we still expect them anytime soon?

This one came later, I did not count how many updates were rolled out:

That was the third update (and the last one so far); the second update had a comment hinting that there are more to come:

Were the plans changed?

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This may be a question for @viet ? :thinking:

Kristen leaving may have delayed progress a bit


I’d like to join in on this request. I’m eagerly awaiting the next content update of which I haven’t seen any news for quite som time now.

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Welcome to the forums. We would tell you about how to use WK, but you’re Level 60 already! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks, yes if there’s an award for least active forum member maybe I could be nominated :wink:


No, that goes to @indirect. You already have 2 posts, so you’re tied with @jprsjsalkfdlasjd