Wanikani and the two tab problem

Hi all,
I saw some posts about problems with revisions, if an other tab was open, which I could confirm. I don’t recall the exact topic, as this was quite some time ago. I got used to the fact, that I can not let any other tab open while doing reviews. So if I get an item wrong, I’ll open the explanation in an other tab, especially if I want to get information about the kanji during a vocab review, and after reading it the tab gets closed again. Then, I can resume my reviews.
If I forget to close the tabs or pressed Enter in the review window while the explanation tab was open, I’ll get stuck and can not answer any more questions. :unamused: This behavior was all observed on a windows machine and the browsers Chrome and Firefox.
Nothing really special so far. However, things got interesting after switching to Linux (Ubuntu) and using Firefox there. Lo and behold! The problem no longer exists and I can open more than one tab and still doing reviews.

Now my actual question, just out of curiosity: What should be the behavior, the Windows version or the Linux one? :thinking:
If both behaviors are expected, meaning that on Windows reviews get blocked and on Linux everything works fine with several tabs open, where does this difference come from? Is it from the difference of the source code of Firefox or does Wanikani do some magic on Linux?

Any suggestions are welcome, but as this problem is not really dramatic, I could live without an explanation. :grin:

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I think that this could very well be due to the fact that they recently fixed the multiple tab issue by moving their jStorage from localStorage to sessionStorage. If you go back to Windows this should no longer be a problem.


I saw some talk of this the other day, but where did they actually announce it?

I saw it in API update email; not sure if they posted anything on the forums. Since it doesn’t change how you interact with jStorage they just changed it without warning


Thank you for this answer. :smile: :smile: It might be the reasons for this “new” behavior, which I like much more than the old review blocking problem.

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