After ~5 reviews every item is shaking

It doesn’t matter if its reading or meaning.
Its the same effect like writing onyomi instead of the kunyomi
I have no custom scripts enabled.

It just started doing this today? What about changing browsers or flushing your cache? Did anything happen right before the behavior started? Eg. you leveled up, reset your level, did some lessons, …

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I think having multiple Wanikani tabs open can cause it. Might be that.


I flushed my cache now it works, thanks.

Thats very possible, I’m a tab hoarder :hugs:

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It’s happened to me a few times and this was the case every time.


@anon93264938, @Ryouki, @zdennis: By multiple wanikani tabs, you have multiple review tabs open or just any wanikani tabs open. I generally have multiple tabs open (one for reviews, one for individual kanji/radical/vocab lookup, and one or more forum tabs) but I’ve never experienced this behavior. Just curious.

Mine was usually I’d have the home screen open (which had scripts running on it such as Ultimate Timeline) along with my lessons or reviews tab that I was actively working in, also with scripts running.

I’m not sure if I’d get the same behavior if I didn’t have scripts running on both tabs, I’ve never tried that, but I always assumed the strange behavior was caused by the scripts somehow.

Though, others have mentioned experiencing the shaking behavior without any scripts running so it seems my assumption may be false.

I am certain, however, that the multiple tabs were the cause because I’d close other tabs, refresh my reviews page, and it would behave normally again. (Doing just a refresh with multiple tabs still open did not fix it.)

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When this happened to me I think I had a lesson tab and a review tab open.

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