Wani and Tsurukame wont sync

I don’t know why but my Tsurukame app always has a couple reviews less than when I visit the WK website. This also has been happening to my lessons. I logged out of both and then back in but no luck.

Anybody know whats up here?

It’s due to the new items WK added, and the way the app is built. The developer has to manually add the new items into the app. The new stuff isn’t in there yet. It’s currently waiting for Apples approval I believe.


Ooooo, that makes total sense.
Great! Thanks for the info

I just checked and the update has gone through! Syncing fixed. New features! Thank you so much for this!!!

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Still have sync issues despite logging in and out, reinstalling the app, etc. Specifically for Apprentice items, everything else seems to match up.

Same problem here. Apprentice items will NEVER sync up. Reviews often don’t match up either and whenever there are more Tsurukame reviews they are always three or four items all relating to the kanji 久. No idea why haha.

Also, I am using the katakana option on the app and the n (ン)always comes up as the hiragana n (ん).

Thanks for your hard work in making this awesome app!

I’ve noticed Tsurukame counts apprentice levels differently than Wanikani. Wanikani there are four apprentice levels: Apprentice 1 (four hours to review), Apprentice 2 (8 hours until review), Apprentice 3 (1 day), and Apprentice 4 (2 days). Tsurukame sorts them like this instead: Novice (four hours to review), Apprentice 1 (8 hours until review), Apprentice 2 (1 day), and Apprentice 3 (2 days). So the items that are at Novice aren’t counted as Apprentice by Tsurukame, which is why the count doesn’t match with what’s on Wanikani.

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Hey, thanks for this explanation, that really helped to clear up what I was seeing in the app! Tsurukame has been a huge help for me to keep on top of reviews and I really prefer its overall user-friendliness over using the official site, so if it’s just a difference in tagging, then I don’t mind that so much.

For any future readers of this thread, we should mention that’s not an issue anymore!

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