Tsurukame and/or WaniKani bug?

I’ve noticed this thing happening for the last 2 or so weeks. It started when I returned back to WK after one month (the account was put on vacation mode in the meantime).

I do all my reviews on the Tsurukame app, but even though on Tsurukame I finish all my reviews:

When I load the WK webpage, it’s like the work done on Tsurukame has not been synched at all…?

The number of Reviews and the number of Apprentice-Guru-Master-Enlightened-Burned are all different between the two.

I’m worried at where the problem lies… Have I been working on Tsurukame all this time, but it actually doesn’t update WK at all and I’ve been wasting my time for 2+ weeks…? :thinking:


I can’t offer much help so hopefully this isn’t counting as spam, but I wanted to say that I also use Tsurukame but it does sync for me. Maybe there is a setting for manual sync and you need to pull down on the main page to get it to send data?
Seems like it should already have done that though :confused:


Yeah, I pull down the homepage every time I open/use the app…

Hmmm, hopefully someone knows something :thinking:

I had the same situation maybe a month or so ago. I got it to work again by logging out of Tsurukame, turning off my iPhone then starting it up again and logging back into Tsurukame. Might be worth a shot to do the same.


Thank you so much, this worked!!

Now I’ve got 260+ reviews to do, and my Apprentice count is at 176 on both platforms …

I see now I’ve been wasting time and effort doing some kind of Ghost Reviews for 2+ weeks. The joy :slightly_smiling_face:


You’re welcome, glad to have been of service.


Hey it’s not wasted! Look at it this way, you studied these 260+ words/kanji/radicals more closely over the last two weeks and now have those more committed to your long term memory.

I would suggest going into vacation mode between review sessions until you knock your reviews down to a manageable number.