Wall of Shame Fortune Telling - (Aka I think Wanikani is trying to tell me something)


I have been looking for a way to make some extra cash…


But but why😭


shame my life for being sunny side now finally??

*Is this some kind of satanist cult or what *

oh no…


An exit input… are you telling me I can’t write properly ?


as a vampire???


I always knew great power was at my finger tips.




But but I like his theory. I know i’m the only one to like him but he advanced the psychology theory a lot.


He intimidated clients and based his theory on the statements he forced on them, so I can’t think about him positively, BUT he definitely helped many people by getting some topics out of taboo…


That’s new to me. Thx for the info I will need to check that up.


It was very disappointing :frowning:

Freud and the history of psychoanalysis from Leahey, T. H. (2018) has some info


hmm…does this mean an end to my shortcomings with Japanese :smile:




just missed it again after the last review…

at least I’m consistent :roll_eyes:


This one is a real b****!! I had to write it on a sticky pad in big letters beside the toilet to finally get it. :frowning:




There is a common theme in these premonition. I hope you like your futur :wink:


is such a mean discriminating manager. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


WK is really going the extra mile to shame people.


I do indeed have past extremities, but, who doesn’t. How dare you shame me for this!