Wall of Shame Fortune Telling - (Aka I think Wanikani is trying to tell me something)


Sorry, What I meant was that even if you don’t have one, he is close. Which mean you may meet him soon :wink:

Or not but It’s like the fated two are bound to be together if they are close by. I’m trying to make it romantic here


looks out window

It’s not that bad–okay it’s a little–SHUT UP, WK



My wall of shame must have recently changed. I know this because I still get regularly scheduled reviews for arrow and fault.

矢 失

Forever hopeless with those two.


That… may take a while. (Or not, if it’s just the word. Memorising the name, location, etc. about each area, though… that would take a while indeed)


As you say, o WaniKani prophet.

Sign my semi-petition here! What’s it for, I dunno!

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(Sorry for the huge, wonky-looking screen capture.)

Repeat for ten more days…


hmm yes I think the Crabigator is telling me I’m going to be hit by a bus


That seems like a nice future :laughing: I hope none of them have jealousy.


I guess I’ll stick to English in the bedroom…




Had to de-lurk just because my Wall of Shame was being blatantly obvious and I thought of this thread.


Oh God Crabigator why are you so mean and so accurate


Rob and steal steel.


I guess I have to raise my Genius :sunglasses:


Speak to me, oh mighty Crabigator!


Actually learned a bit more about freud in class and I wish I hadnt cause he was terrible lmao


The Crabigator is just not happy with the way the world is today.


I’m offended


But…But…I like Freud. :sob: