Wanikani Origin Story

Hello Fellow Durtles,

Welcome to the unofficial Wanikani Origin Story.

How this initiative started?

In December 2020 I stumbled on a 8 year old thread from 2012 where an origin story was requested by Koichi.


I looked around and couldn’t find any stories.

What did I do?

As any good POLL durtle would do, I went to the POLL thread and made a POLL.


Thus it was decided I would be writing an unofficial origin story for Wanikani.

What happened till now?

3 months later and still there was not a single written word. Work and life got in the way. But Crabigator appeared in my dreams and I steeled myself to see this project through. I went through multiple iterations of the story and decided to make it PG 13 and relatively violence free.

What’s next?

I have an outline for 10 11 chapters (Prologue + 8 9 chapters + Epilogue). I plan to incorporate as much WK lore as possible without deviating from the story. I plan to release a chapter once every 2 weeks. every month.

Things may still change. I plan to take the help of a few durtles for more original content. Hopefully that works.

What are we waiting for?


Let us Start!!

All Hail Crabigator!!!



Please be careful when you read the chapter names. They maybe major spoilers to the content in the chapters.

Prologue - Celestial Beings

Crabigator: Origins

Chapter 1 - A Harbinger of destruction
Chapter 2 -
Chapter 3 -

Crabigator: Rising

Chapter 4 -
Chapter 5 -
Chapter 6 -
Chapter 7

Crabigator: Cult (This arc name is still under consideration)

Chapter 8 -
Chapter 9 -
Epilogue -

I am not revealing all the chapter names at once to retain the tension/suspense :grin: I will reveal the chapter name of 1 when I post the content of Prologue. The same pattern will be followed for all chapters.

Feel free to tag and hold me accountable if I miss a deadline :+1:


Prologue - Celestial Beings
On or before - April 18, 2021 April 26, 2021 April 30,2021 May 16,2021


@Mods can one of you kindly change this post into a wiki? Thanks for your time :slightly_smiling_face:

I am already missing my “Regular” status benefits :joy:

Once this post has been turned into a wiki, please feel free to add characters from WK lore :slightly_smiling_face: I will try to add as many characters as possible to the story as long as the story coherency is not affected.

List of characters

A raw Nick Cage is a must! (予め)
Cheese eating alligators.
Da (だ).
Friedrich Nietzsche (にち).
Genghis Khan
Goku from Dragon Ball Z (極).
Grandpa Goichi
Guy Fawkes (外).
Han Solo, Luke and Darth Vader (but these might not count, idk).
Jo-Ann (for short じょ, not to be confused with じょう)
Jourm the farmhand
Ken The Samurai
Koichi (His hula dancing abilities are genuine)(He holds the world record for being the fastest broccoli eater)
Kyaku the customer.
Ma (ま) also Mama (ママ).
Maru (まる), the cat.
Mitch (みち), walks in roads and stuff.
Moe, the friend who occasionally gets into strange situations like with 漏れる (for も). Some other places Moe appears: 申, 主に
Mrs Chou
Nostradamus (のう)
Ricky the Rock Monster (りき + りょく).
Ryu (りゅう) from Street Fighter
Santa-san (Punishes naughty kids (bad grades) by jabbing them in the eye 20 times with a bamboo shoot)
Squid, in most kanji with the squid radical. In the kanji 険, gets saved by and joins Ken the samurai.
Sue (す), usually the one bad things happen to in verbs ending in す.
Taco-worshipping alligators
Takeshi Kaga (have met him only once so far in 屈む) basically the mystery man
The Centaurs
The cow (うし/ む) and the sheep (し/ ひつじ) and the mice (まい), and the racoons and the hen.
The Eagle, the Condor, the Cock and the Turkey
The King (おう, also きん)
The mysterius fisherman.
The shihtzu.
The yankees.
The Youths (ゆう).
Tokugawa (とく)
Tom (たま).
Void Tiger, a tiger who lives in the void, clad in spikes, from 虚
Viet and Michael and Hanako-san and Tanaka-san, often appear in context sentences.
Fugu, Salmon (Fugu’s girlfriend), and Shark, also in context sentences.

Expanded Universe (e.g. forum characters)
Coelacanth :fish:
Kani-Kun (@AmandaBear 's purple guy with Crabigator hat)

Is it time to alphabetize the entries? (Done!.. kinda)


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@KyokaJiro I am going to delete my post so as to not make a gap between the placeholders but,

What a wonderful idea! I am eagerly waiting for the prologue…


You can undelete the post Catherine san :slight_smile: I added the 3 that I would require. So feel free to post. (The moment I complete the main post, I immediately add 3 placeholders before anyone can read or comment on the thread.)

You are good :slight_smile: I do not have further placeholder posts.


This is brilliant. I too wonder how this all started, but alas I am too busy right now to help you out. Godspeed to everyone below me!



Good luck with the dramatic re-telling!


What do you mean by an origin story? Is it like a documentary about Kouichi and co making the first version of WK and eventually becoming one of the best Japanese learning resources? I’d definitely read it :grin:


Is the Coelacanth mentioned? :fish::fish::fish:


A nice idea, but dont forget to do your reviews, because, well you know. This is what this site is all about. :muscle:


This sounds interesting. I can’t wait to read it! :grin:


Are you going to do it in Japanese or English? Could be a fun self-study exercise to write it out in English first and then rewrite as much as possible in Japanese, and if you struggle that’ll help you learn and fill in any writing weaknesses :grin:.

You’re level 35 so I am assuming you could do it if you wanted to :durtle_noice:.


Thanks for your kind words Donovan san :slightly_smiling_face: Let us see how this turns out :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Ian san :grin:

It’s a story that goes far beyond that :wink:

Thanks D san :grin: In fact I forgot to do my reviews since morning :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Will get to it right away :raised_hands:


That’s an interesting Idea Lewby san :thinking: Maybe that will be a version 2 idea. While I have broad strokes idea of how each chapter starts and ends, I need to smoothen the introduction of characters and fine tune the storyline. Doing it in English is difficult enough, my grammar is non-existent at this point :stuck_out_tongue: so JP version has to wait longer. Though it might be a good motivator for me to restart my grammar studies :grin:


once the mods turn the post no 2 into a wiki, please feel free to add the characters from WK lore. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


I hear Saint @SafariParkingMunch whispering in Koichi’s ear You want to help others learn Japanese, your talent is to help others learn the language you enjoy so very much, I am therefore scouting you and you are obligated to create a system to teach

Koichi: “I have the sudden urge to make butt and poop jokes in Japanese”.

:rofl: :rofl: I’m sure your origin story is going to be far superior hehe :3, good luck I look forward to reading it!


Looking forward to this!

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I can help if you need a co-author/editor.

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So this is what you were doing😗

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It’s now a wiki :+1:


Thanks a lot Jen :grin: :raised_hands: