Wall of Shame Fortune Telling - (Aka I think Wanikani is trying to tell me something)


I don’t think this one needs any explanation at all…


Why thank you, Wall of Shame, I wasn’t quite sure what kind of radiance I had, but I think you hit the nail on the head.


to be found is used mostly in the negative thing …

So, no reason to be found :wink:


Yeah, so, WK knows me well and knows what I can’t do:


Suit to miss. :slight_smile:




I think most of us do…


Is that why I haven’t started Genki yet? Because it’s been rainy and dull?


Hey mine changed ! (before going back the way it was because I locked that damn determine in my brain, and not with a masterlock)

Yeah I can’t determine the input…


Don’t we all? :slight_smile:



Yeah, That one throws me off a bit too, I can’t seem to make a clear distinction between the words, even though it gives some examples.


It’s trying to stop me but it is futile.




The image decided to provide the link to the image rather than the image, ahem…


Here’s my wall of shame anyways, only level two but still, with below, I keep forgetting the reading I need, as I put in kuda, shita and sa, but those are all onyomi readings and forget about ka, meanwhile eight days, I just forget, But I believe I will get those sorted out in below eight days, so it’s all good.


OMG we found the solution to have infinite electricity I must tell everyone the good news


It will probably change once you spend more than eight days studying.




They’re kun’yomi