My 6 Years Anniversary

Hello folks,

On this day 6 years ago, November 22nd, 2013, I joined the wonderful cult website called WaniKani. Unfortunately, I still haven’t been able to reach level 60…

Alas, this shall be a cautionary tale to all those young Turtles:

Do not underestimate the workload, it’ll built up quickly
Do not abuse the override and reorder scripts, trust me, it’ll bite you in the behind
Do not slack doing your reviews, or you’ll wake up to 3000+ as I once did…
Do not reset your level all the time, honestly, why did I reset 4 times??

Be diligent and do your reviews every day
Take your time with the lessons, it’ll be worth it in the long run
Take lesson-breaks if you need to, the reviews are more important
Be kind to yourself, you are here to learn and we learn from mistakes

If I had followed my own advice, I’d have complete WK 3 times by now… instead I’m still (or again) at level 22. But the fact that I’m still here and still doing my reviews proves that I’m stupidly stubborn.

I hereby vow that I will reach level 60 by the end of next year. You are free to kindly mock and gently tease me if I don’t.

Hopefully, the Holy Crabigator can forgive my past behaviour. :crabigator:


That’s all that matters. You are still here, still learning. learning a language and becoming a better person is not a race.


Heh, yeah I suppose so! I have no intentions of giving up, so I’ll reach the golden number eventually.


I believe in you! The Crabigator will surely hear your prayer :pray:t2:






6 years and still trying! you’re amazing!

i reset 3 times in 3 years…i think :thinking: it could be more

this time though i have just about finished genki 1 and am taking my time through wanikani! thank you for giving me hope!


I hope you are right, Kumirei :sob:

Haha thanks, but I’m really more dumb than amazing, screwing myself over and over again…

But I’m glad I could give you some hope! Let’s keep burning those durtles, we can do it! :muscle:

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It was my second year anniversary last month. I became a believer in the Crabigator’s teachings by the end of October 2017. Reached level 41 by the end of 2018, then had to pause Japanese for another language.
I picked it up again last July, by which I realized I had no choice but to reset (to level 5).

Yet you reset 4 times! I can’t even imagine how that’d feel like. I’m amazed at your patience and persistence!

I’m sure the Holy Crabigator will forgive you. Have a good continuation and may we meet there at level 60.


Had my 6 year anniversary this year as well (was april for me). I also reset a few times before and had never made it past 25.

I’ve been doing a lot better this year, although I have still taken some time off here and there. Actually just got back from a month off and finished clearing out my built up review pile last night.

Cheers to hoping we both don’t end up making this same post again for year 10 (god that makes me feel old).


Ah yes, picking WK up after a long break is really hard, I feel ya… And 41! So far! My highest was level 31 iirc.

And thank you for your kind words! I’m sure we will do better this time around. All hail the Holy Crabigator and yes, we shall meet at level 60.


Ohh our paths are so similar! My highest level was 31, so I have not yet caught up with myself…

And same here, I’m doing reviews on and off, too. Have to catch up with a little review pile as well.
But so far so good! We are doing well! Surely, this time will be better!

Cheers indeed… If we do meet here again for the 10 years aniversary, let’s throw a party lol

It’ll surely be better this time…! Probably…

If we do have a party, it better be a level 60 for 2-3 years party.

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We need to have faith in ourselves!..but yes…probably…

Fair enough. Methinks we should get a golden cake for the level 60 party.

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Wait we have to get the cake ourselves? I always thought it just showed up by itself…

You are right! I…I probably just got it mixed up haha…hah…


Seriously though, if there is no cake my disappointment will be immeasurable, and my day ruined.

O-oh no :sweat_drops:

noted. thanks for sharing.

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Stubborn people unite! I also vow to get to level 60 by next year. Let’s do this!