Wall of Shame Fortune Telling - (Aka I think Wanikani is trying to tell me something)


No kind words for me…


yay wanikani is being nice to me


So my particular fortune didn’t appear to me on the wall of shame, but rather the first two radicals in my lesson were 申 (humble) and 束 (bundle). So I can only surmise that the Crabigator is telling me to take a break and buy some video games for charity.


Yes all mighty Crabigator, I know I need a place of my own.
Come on now, don’t rub it in! :rofl:
Or maybe it means something else, I’m not quite sure!


well i do have a pool


Night swim is so peaceful!


Express what exactly?

Maybe my review pile which is quite big? >_>



Express happiness to be in Japan soon of course.


You might have a point! :smiley:


Must be aliens.


No regrets…


画 picture/drawing


全力 full effort

I keep typing 両 (りょう) for picture and I can’t remember the meaning for full effort (reading is perfect though, haha)


Should I be selling myself for the Crabigator?


I see it as “all power” which then gets me to “full strength”, a synonym. Full power also works.




You need to start reading some Sigmund Freud.


I guess it is the only way


So what does this mean??


That you and your loved one are close to each other.

Or that you were close to have both of these kanji right.

Pick the one you like :stuck_out_tongue:


as i don’t have a loved one, i’ll go with being close to getting both kanji correct!