Wahooo, My first burned items!

Honestly I’m just extremely excited I finally burned something after the first 6 months. Hopefully its a steady uphill type of thing from here on out! There’s quite a bit I still need to really remember , but it wouldn’t be a journey if everything were easy.

Thank you for listening to my ted talk


Congratulations! I hope I will finally get my first burned item soon as well. When I got the mail from level 10 saying you should burn your’re first items soon and the review count will go down I did not even have a single item in englighted yet and the reviews were going straight up :smiley:


You will get your first burn about 4 months after your first enlightened. “Your first burns soon” at Lv10 was always very funny to me. :smiley:
My first one was at Lv18 I think.



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Congrats! :balloon:
I just hit my first burned items too a week or so ago. It’s amazing the sense of satisfaction I get seeing the “Burn” or every time I レベルアップ!


This got more replies than I imagined! Thanks everyone for your support, I hope you all keep burning items or will begin to burn them soon.

Much love to everyone :smiley: !!

woa! I thought i would get my first burned item quite soon. I guess maybe not haha.
I do have quite a few enlighted though. how many day wait is there from enlighted to burned?

According to @MQM , you get the first burn 4 months after the first enlightenment! Keep at it buddy

You can check out this page for a detailed timing breakdown: WaniKani’s SRS Stages | WaniKani Knowledge

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Congratulations!! My first burn is 4 days. I’m so excited.

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