Vocab sound cutting off?

I don’t know if this is just my browser or what, but it used to be that when doing vocab, the voiceover would sound out the whole word even after you hit enter to the next word, unless you typed the next word fast enough that you triggered the next word’s speech while the first was going on.

But as of today, immediately after hitting enter to go to the next review item, any playing vocab sound will cut off. So unless I specifically slow down my reviews and let the clip play before moving on, I only ever get around half a syllable of each word to actually play.

It’s not too bad how it is now, but it was nice how it was before because the sound helps solidify the reading in my brain a bit and it’s a bit jarring audio-wise to have it constantly cut out (unless I disable the option entirely). So I don’t know if this is due to a code change or what, but if it was, I’d put my vote in for the old functionality.


Just noticed the same. I also like to hit enter to continue while the word still sounds out. Wonder if this is related to the recreation of the pages in React, a browser update (I use Chrome) or just a fluke. With others experiencing the same, I’d say the fluke is out.


I’m having the same issue though I stopped hearing readings entirely. Except for some reason the very last word in my reviews was pronounced again. After reading what you two have said I’m guessing it’s because I use the lightning mode script which instantly goes to the next word, cutting it off before it starts, except on the very last item in the review.

I was switching between headphones and speakers for a bit before and thought I had just messed something up somehow but looks like I’m not the only one.


Oh, since it was brought up, I’m using Firefox. So at least it doesn’t seem browser-specific if it’s happening in Chrome, too.


I’m having the same issue. Hearing the cut off bits of syllables is very distracting, not to mention the lack of reinforcement that hearing the whole words provided. I hope they fix it soon. (using Chrome by the way)

I noticed this too while doing lessons.

I have noticed this as well. I found that if I listen to music in the background the problem doesn’t happen.

was there an update to the webapp that caused this? also experiencing cut-off audio in chrome.

@Vilius Welcome back to the forums! We hope you decide to stay with WK and us (you haven’t posted since March)

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Just noticed this today. Perhaps it has something to do with user scripts? I’m only running the ultimate timeline reorder and ignore scripts, anyone else?

Happening to me too. It was playing the audio for lessons but it wasn’t playing the audio for the reviews.

Me too, in Chrome on reviews (I go through my lessons more slowly, so would not have caused it to happen).

@viet Could this be coming from WK’s end?

Same. It’s really annoying. What happened? I hope this isn’t a permanent thing or intentional.

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A fix for a different audio issue went out the other day. This audio cut off problem could be an unintentional result of this fix.

It’ll be about 12 hours when someone looks into it. Just noting we are aware of this now and will look into it.

Thank you for your understanding and sorry for the inconvenience.


Glad it’s being looked into. I was wondering if one of my extensions was causing it.

So an update.

We have identified the problem and have a fix ready to deploy. But the fix is somewhat of a significant change. And given that it is Friday… (we don’t want to introduce new bugs on a weekend)…

The plan is the following:

  • Revert the last audio bug fix released the other day. The audio cut off bug should go away.
  • Next week we’ll reapply the reverted bug fix and introduce the audio cut off bug fix

The reverting of the last audio bug fix will happen in the next hour.


The ninjaneer hath spoken!

And I think this is a smart decision to go about it this way. This way we can enjoy the audio over the weekend without hiccups and the WK team need not go bug hunting over the weekend.

Thank you for letting us know!
now onwards to reviews. with sound of course!


Glad I’m not going insane, I noticed it this morning and was confused at how I’d never had it happen before

We are pushing out the audio fixes right now. If things go as planned you all won’t be noticing anything.


Taking aim at the bugs like…

…hoping the right things explodes