Audio missing sometimes at reviews

I am doing my reviews in Firefox 94.0.2 on Ubuntu.

Since a few days I have noticed that sometimes there is no automatic audio at some vocab items in the review session. Today for example this happened for 募集中.

When the same item occurs in another review session the audio works. It also works when I click on ‘kyoko’ or ‘kenichi’ in the item page.

Does anyone else experience this?

I’m not currently having any issues with audio. Try turning of any scripts and toggling script compatibility mode to see if that makes a difference.

I’m also using Firefox, for me, the very first item in a lesson session always has broken audio. Same as for you, it fixes itself when I manually click the play button.

I had just now a session with 2 vocab items. The first one (帝) was with audio, the next one (苗字) was without audio.

Now I turn compatibility mode on and I’ll see if it still happens … (no more reviews until tomorrow).