Audo playback stops when going to the next review

I tested this on latest firefox nightly and chrome. For some reason, now when I complete a vocabulary review and instantly go to the next review the audio doesn’t play. Is this the new expected behavior or a bug?

How to reproduce: do a review, get a vocab reading right and instantly click enter twice. The audio no longer plays.


This has already been reported in at least two other threads.

Viet is aware and will be looking into during next working session

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I didn’t notice, although I did do a quick check on the Bugs & Errors category. At least I know the issue isn’t with me.

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sorry, I just added some info to my previous post.

other threads:

These weren’t posted in Bugs because the OPs did not immeditely presume the issue was with WK

Ok, it seems wk is aware of the incident and I just didn’t check other sections, sorry. I would delete this thread, but for some reason I can’t. (Another bug?) It says: “There was an error deleting that topic. Please contact the site’s administrator.”

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Discourse (I believe) doesn’t allow deletion of topics - you could request to have it locked, but frankly I wouldn’t worry about it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just got an error after trying to delete a comment in another thread, and combined with your comment above, decided to tag Viet to that issue as well…

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