[Version 1.05 | 2016-01-31] Anki deck for kanji writing practice

Okay guys, version 1.02 is available:


I've done some testing, and everything looks good. Just download and import. Also, This will probably be the last version for a while as class starts back up tomorrow.

1.02 Changelog:
  • Minor layout adjustments (tidied the button margins, long on/kun readings will now wrap properly)
  • Long definition prompts (>4 words) are now shown at half size to save screen space
  • Abbreviated button text for the same reason
  • Added higher-resolution icons for the resource buttons
  • Made the resource buttons scale with the rest of the card; icons now vertically-center (more) correctly
  • I wanted to use a subdirectory to organize all the media files for this deck. It sort of worked—everything on the cards was okay, but it broke media syncing with AnkiWeb.I contacted the developers and was told they don't have any plans to fix it. Instead, all the media files for this deck have the prefix "_shvelven.japanese.kanji". You can delete the old media files manually if you want (it's like 5kb worth of 16×16 PNGs).
1.02 Bugs:
  • [Fixed] The notes aren't in the right order. Fixed by exporting as an .apkg this time instead of sharing through AnkiWeb
  • [Fixed] There is junk media in the download. See above. There are no more junk media files.
  • [Fixed] The study intervals are just plain defaults. See above. The deck should have a custom options group named "Kanji Writing"
  • [Not a Bug] Jisho.org links open a vocabulary search instead of a kanji search. This is a bug in Anki's web toolkit that doesn't allow the "#" character to be passed
  • [Not a Bug] I forgot to put the notes in sub decks. I've decided not to split the deck into sub-decks based on level, since you'll be studying them all anyway