Anki Decks to Practice Writing Wanikani Kanji?

Hi all,

I have some very limited experience with using Anki, but have mostly been using Wanikani to increase my vocabulary and kanji knowledge since resuming self-study this past fall. While I love what it’s done for my reading ability, I want to start being more rigorous about my ability to actually recall the kanji well enough to write them.

Is there an Anki deck that corresponds to the Wanikani kanji but only displays hirigana + the English definition (so that it’s avoiding homonym confusion and simply prompting you to draw the kanji)? Or is there a way to set this study method up with some of the common decks I haven’t caught onto?

Thanks! I’m fairly certain I could do this with some of the general kanji/vocab decks out there too, and feel free to suggest ones that would make doing so easy, but ideally I’d like to stick with the vocabulary already employed by Wanikani to make remembering the writing even easier.

As it so happens, you’re in luck with your oddly specific request


Well then! Thanks!

You should use the link to the topic:

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No kidding, this is nice to have!

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