Great Offline App for practicing writing

The only thing Wanikani is lacking is only writing exercises i guess and the bad thing is that this part of the Japanese is hardest, I mean sometimes it is hard to even write simple kanjis like 生 and other stuff ( u got the idea ). So I’ve found a grate app which helps with practicing writing ( not only writing but also, reading and recognition too but i thing writing is the most important for Wanikani users ). This app also helps you to get used to correct way of writing kanji, I mean which stroke should you write first and other stuff. so thats it, hope it will be useful to you guys. App name is Kanji Tree and it is available on playstore.


Sadly this app isn’t aviable for ios. Does anyone know about a similar app for writing practice on ios?


I used this app for a while and got a bit frustrated with how it judged my lines. Sometimes my figure was a bit smaller or larger than the one I needed to draw, so the drawing was counted as wrong even though I did it right. Apart from that it’s a perfect app for writing and stuff, and the reverse writing als helps with reverse learning of kanji.

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It’s quite hard to cheat on strokeorder and alignment on this app, I like it very much. But it can be frustrating at times, like @TheFlaminMunch said.
Most others I tried are pretty lenient and will give the correct one, even if one barely touched the correct path.
The recognition and reading part are purely recognition though and easily “cheatable” through the options they provide.
If you want to only have known kanji in the writing exercise, you’d need to “unlock” then as known in “recognition”/“reading” though, or it will throw everything in the chosen category (like N5) at you.


I also use this app on my old phone and this new one that I’m using. This was the best app that I could find for writing Kanji the proper way. Plenty of on’yomi and kun’yomi vocab on the kanji too. I do however suggest to mimic writing it on paper for further practice and don’t be discouraged that sometimes it won’t pick up strokes. It’s a great app and its free.

Kanji Study for Ios and Android has similar functions, you can test for writing w/ stroke order and also for readings.


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