Thankgiving is a week away: Vacation Mode YES or NO?

Hi guys,

Thanksgiving is a week away, and I’m going to Iceland. That’s five days away from my regular routine and without permanent internet access. I assume I will have Wifi access at night and in the morning, but maybe not every day.

Should I enable Vacation Mode? Maybe just for a couple of days? Maybe just don’t do new lessons during this week?



Vacation mode: no
Burn the turkey radical: yes


I’d say not to do it. Read Chapter 10 of my Guide, where I discuss precisely the best solution for this :slight_smile:

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Gonna agree with the others here - if at all possible, continue to do reviews (just once per day is fine). Of course, if you won’t have internet access to be able to do that, then do enable vacation mode.

I agree with your suggestion of ceasing lessons though. I always try to stop doing lessons before a holiday in time for all new items to level up to at least Guru 1. That way you shouldn’t have so many reviews that it ruins your holiday :wink: and you’ll mostly be dealing with leeches so it’s actually a nice opportunity to crack down on them.

If you might have to enable vacation mode because of internet access issues, stopping lessons is even more important!


Noo!!! Vacation mode is the work of the devil!! (OK, maybe @koichi but you get the idea).

Just stop doing lessons until you get back.


I will be in the minority and say Yes to vacation mode :slight_smile: Iceland is gorgeous and you should enjoy it without doing a single review. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Should @emucat use vacation mode? :frog:

  • Yes
  • No

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If at all, the 24h vacation mode method \o/

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what’s that?

It’s on my Guide that I linked above (Chapter 10).

Though being your trip just 5 days, I don’t think even this is necessary.


Oh yeah, I always do this when changing time zones. You don’t wanna be dealing with reviews if you’re flying anyway. I’d say even five days makes it worth it :grin:


We can just conclude koichi is the devil

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Ah, it’s because you won’t have internet. I was about to say, I think time spent away from work and around my family is the perfect time to noodle around on the internet. I, personally, would just try to do my reviews when I was able and not worry about lessons for a while, but only you will know if that makes sense for you.

There’s no better way to show thanks to to Crabigator than doing your reviews every day especially holidays.


Do reviews. SRS is king. Don’t do new lessons if you don’t feel like it though.


I’d say it’s a choice. Twice I’ve used vacation mode (one for weddding week when family flew in, the other for honeymoon). Twice this decision really kicked me in the teeth.

Getting back into it was a bit of a demotivating struggle both times. The lack of review pressure also kept me away from WK for almost a month the second time. That was a big mistake on my part.

But! At the same time: you couldn’t have paid me to give a bleep about my reviews or SRS while on my honeymoon. I had no intention of spending time on the regular, daily grind in such a situation.

So I say: if doing your reviews would have a negative impact on an amazing vacation: holiday mode. Screw it. You should enjoy and indulge in your one life sometimes, too.

If you’re using it, I’d suggest to steel yourself against the thought of a rough re-entry. Don’t get demotivated if your level-up time or accuracy slips for a while. It will get back to your old norm. Don’t give up. :muscle:

TL;DR: While using vacation mode has booted me in the rear before, there are things that warrant a mild delay in the kanji study.


robot swear words


It’s the only swear words I know! D:<


Regardless of what you choose, you should stop doing lessons today. If you keep doing lessons to the last day before vacation starts, you will have too many reviews when on vacation or get hit hard when you come back from vacation if you use vacation mode.


lol I’ve straight up brought my Japanese textbooks to Thanksgiving/Christmas outings at relatives’ places and studied for hours. Gives a perfect excuse to not have to socialize with obnoxious relatives too, haha.