Coming back from vacation

I’m sorry if this does not directly relate to Wanikani, but it will determine whether or not I stay with Wanikani. To preface, I always study with the Tsurukame app because I type so many typos. Anyway, I just returned from a month’s vacation (put my Wanikani account on vacation mode). After returning, I found 500 reviews waiting for me on Tsurukame and it keeps growing. I have no idea how to sync or how to get rid of those reviews. I found that I have forgotten almost half of the items in only a month’s time away. I am at level 10 and was doing well but now feel ready to give up. Any advice may help.

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If you turned vacation mode on you shouldn’t have accumulated any reviews. Do those reviews show up on the site? If not, maybe the app will resync after you turn vacation mode off (I don’t use the app, so can’t say for sure).

As far as the forgetting goes, you can either just do reviews and let it work itself out, or you can use something like [Userscript] Self-Study Quiz (which really needs to be used on a computer) to drill some of the material for a few days.


I also just came back from vacation, and I use Tsurukame. I found that as long as you’re in vacation mode, the app continues to grow the reviews, but when you turn it off the app syncs pretty quickly and you have only the correct reviews from WK. (It was super stressful watching that number grow while on vacation, though!)

If it doesn’t, you could uninstall the app and reinstall it. You won’t lose any progress with WK if you do that.

Finally, have you considered using a script that allows you to try again if you make a typo on WK? It makes life much easier for me, since I’m faster at typing on a computer than on my phone.


I’ve been on several long trips over the past year and let me tell you, coming back and turning off Vacation Mode was super painful. It’s like I’ve never seen any kanji before in my life. I’m practically in tears at the end of the first review.

It really helps if you stop doing new lessons a week (or even two) before turning Vacation mode on. This will clear out your Apprentice items and you will be more likely to remember things when you get back since you’ve had more repetition. Also, when I get back, I just do reviews, no new lessons for about a week until I start recognizing things again. You take a big progress hit, but for me it’s either that or quit (or throw my computer out the window in frustration). Usually after a week I’m ready for new lessons and cruising along again.


Thank you, Seanblue.

I don’t think Tsurukame has a website–just the app–but I can try turning off the vacation mode and see what happens.

Appreciate the other ideas!

I meant you can log into That is the website you’re paying for after all. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, FennelFox!

I’ll try those steps.

As for using scripts, that’s beyond my present experience–I have no idea how to begin. (Still catching up in the digital world–this Niigata ”girl” is 64!) But not unwilling to learn…

Thank you Nightscotsman. It really helps to know I’m not alone or a hopeless case of brain slip! Appreciate the advice. I hope I can bounce back as quick as you did.

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Oh I see. Yeah, WK shows no reviews or lessons because it’s still in vacation mode.

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