UX suggestion: level pie chart

I love the pie chart in KaniWani, that shows % of items split by level. It’s a little simpler over there, because there is only Vocab (vs. three different categories in WK). But I would love to see something similar in WaniKani!


Have you looked at this userscript?

it has a chart a bit like that…



I use this, but the one OP has showed is far cleaner looking I’d much prefer it.

I’ll stick with cockpit though because I’m too lazy to do anything about it heheh xD!

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Oh wow, I like this a lot more, my homepage now looks sick.


Wow, this looks awesome! I use my work computer for WK so unfortunately can’t install any plugins … looks like I’m missing out! Someday I’ll stop being lazy and replace my personal laptop so I can level up my dashboard.

It’s not a pie chart, but if you’re mostly looking for the percentage functionality, have a look at this

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