Using Wanikani template for ankidroid

I just stumbled upon this post by @hinekidori
and was wondering if you could also implement this into ankidroid or if there’s another way to use the temp on Android.

I know for sure that @hinekidori’s template is usable on mobile, though I haven’t used it myself, so I’m not quite sure how to get it. You might be able to search for it through the ankidroid app.

Here is my updated template if you would like to try it out. I recently adjusted it so it would hold up a bit better for the phone apps.

[Template Perfect Form - maybe]

You could upload it to AnkiWeb and sync with your phone. That would probably be the quickest way.


Is it on the ankiweb at all, hine? Beyond individuals uploading it to sync with their phones, that is. There’s a way to search for shared decks via the ankidroid app, but I’m having a hard time tracking it down.

No, you would have to upload it yourself. I gave up using it when they started deleting my decks.
It was a hassle to maintain it.

thanks for replying so quickly. I haven’t used Anki that much and I don’t own a PC.
how can I upload the file to Ankiweb?
sorry if this question seems dumb…

It’s been a while but I think you just need to register and then do a standard upload.

There is also a Mega Android app that may help you download it to your phone if you don’t want to use AnkiWeb.

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Here is some instructions on importing decks into AnkiDroid that may help.

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thank you so much for pointing that out.
But unfortunately Ankidroid crashes when I start to import the file.
Recently I also can’t add Decks to Ankidroid and I’m getting error messages instead.

I don’t know if the crash has something to do with the apk not being able to get imported.

I will try to make another version this weekend. Not sure what is causing the crashing, but there are some things that probably don’t need to be included.

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wow really? thank you so much :grin::grin:

Yeah last I checked it crashed for me, too. The previous version did not.



Okay folks. I think we have a working version! Give it a shot!

[Template AnkiDroid]


it worked!! :sob::sob:
thank you so much for your efforts!! :man_bowing:t5:


Oh and btw I had a problem with Ankidroid.
I wrote about it in this thread
I wanted to add my leeches to wanikani. if possible I wanted that deck to look like the Wanikani/Anki decks you’ve made.
Also is The Anki Script for Modifying ‘Show Answer’ Behavior for Input Types also available for Ankidroid?
Also can I used this add on with your 10k WK deck?

Thanks again for your hard work. it’s really appreciated. :blush:

This is certainly possible. I haven’t used it but there is a userscript for exporting your leeches from WK. From there all you would need to do is import the list into the Vocabulary Note provided in the Template.

This should already be active in the Template. What does not work is the internal IME, so you will need to use your phone’s IME to type in Japanese. The other functions should work fine.

I did not add a Text box to the sentence cards.

Absolutely. I would recommend converting it to the Template before you do. If you have trouble with the conversion let me know and I will assist on my end.

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thanks for your reply. yeah that would be great if you could describe how I can convert the 10k deck to your template.
and btw, is there another way to communicate with you than over this forum?


I checked for the wanikani to Anki exporter but it only let’s me export my critical items in form of an text file. If that’s the same as leeches, I have to apologize for not noticing.
Also there is the leech detector
but it doesn’t seem to order my leeches by how often I got them wrong. I’m also not sure if it’s possible to export the data from the leech detector via WK to Anki exporter.
It would be great though if that’s possible.

I tried to add new cards manually to your template on ankidroid but got the same error as mentioned in the thread I made.

I put it together for you. Be warned, this is a large file. Could take a while to download.

[AnkiDroid 10k + Nayr5k]

I hang out on Discord some. You can contact me there if you wish.

Critical items and leech’s are pretty much the same thing in my opinion.

I don’t use AnkiDroid myself so I am limited in how much I can help you in that regard. All the work I do is PC based.

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thank you so much!!!

yeah that sounds great. what’s your discord?