Substituting the WK experience in Anki when on the go?


I might be trying to re-invent the wheel here, or at minimum going about it the wrong way… but I’d love to find a way to adapt hinekidori’s anki+WK cards/fields for use directly with wanikani itself.

I know at some point in the past I had found a card template that, while barebones, did just this… but for the life of me I can’t relocate it now.

Currently I’m trying to find a way to adapt the fields and card layout to the kanji and vocab that WaniKani itself provides but just not finding any workable method (thus far) to do this quickly, or ideally in an automated fashion via the API (still working out getting my API output to produce the actual kanji instead of escaped UTF-8 sequences… a ruby/python dev I am not.)

Once I figure that bit out everything else should fall in place I imagine… I just seem to have some gaps in my knowledge that have thus far proven tricky to identify and fill in.

If anybody can point me to perhaps some documentation on how to do this with hinekidori’s stuff, examples or good resources, or maybe even a project that has already tackled this that I just haven’t discovered that’d be awesome.