Anki 10k WK by hinekidori- get it on iPad?

I would very much like to use the Anki deck made by hinekidori, 10k Vocab by WK level. Problem is, I can download it on my ipad mini using the MEGA app, and I have installed Ankiapp, but I can’t open the deck in Anki (i.e. I haven’t found a way to do it). I have also fed the anki search engine all kinds of things, but I couldn’t find it. Help?

I have it running on my iPad. Here’s what you do:

  1. Install Anki app on my MacBook Pro. That is always the first step. It has to be on a desktop / notebook computer.
  2. Download Hinekidori’s MEGA file.
  3. Import Hinekidori’s file into the desktop / notebook version of Anki. (Use the import button at the bottom.)
  4. Create an account on the ankiweb web site.
  5. Synchronise your Anki deck (with the AnkiWeb server) by clicking on the circle button (two arrows chasing) on the top right corner.
  6. You will be prompted for your AnkiWeb username and password.
  7. After the synchronisation is complete, you will notice that you can access the same deck on the AnkiWeb site.
  8. Now, go to the iPad.
  9. Install the Anki app.
  10. I can’t remember exactly what I did next. I would suggest tapping on “Synchronise” and hope that Anki asks for your AnkiWeb username / password. That should lead to the download of your deck.

Since reading your question, I opened my iPad and noticed there is an “import from iTunes” option. You might save a lot of time, and avoid using the AnkiWeb site, if you simply place the “collection.apkg file in the Documents folder via iTunes”.

Good luck.

Have you found this app? AnkiMobile

I might have to sync via Anki server only, not via MEGA app; that is, you need the desktop version of Anki too.

Downloading via iTunes made me search for the corresponding button. Instead, I found under Help a link to a download site from anki, via which I can import stuff from other apps, i.e. Documents 5 by Readdle and Dropbox. So it should work now without desktop, fingers crossed. Anyway, thanks for your help!!

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