Using Vacation mode to fix my schedule

Currently I usually do some lessons at 10-11 in the morning, reviews those lessons at 2-3 and then again plus everything else at 10-11 in the evening.
This suited me fine with my current schedule but I will be getting a new job soon and don’t have acces to WK at those times.
I was hoping to do lessons at 7 in the morning before work, review those lessons at 12 on my break (not 4 hours but cant be helped) and then do everything else in the evening.
If I understand vacation mode correctly I could put it on just as my reviews come up at 10-11 and deactivate it the next day at 7-8 in the evening and all my future reviews should come up at 7-8.
Is this correct or should I just start doing WK on my new schedule and let the reviews from my old schedule wait for the next evening whenever they come up?


What you’re describing will do what you want. I did this myself every few months to reorient my review schedule. Just keep in mind that this approach usually only helps for a few weeks, because eventually your review schedule naturally aligns with your lesson schedule.


I must be tired… I read the title as “Using Vatican mode to fix my schedule”, and I thought “that’s very Catholic… maybe it involves praying” :thinking:


Sounds great, I was kinda getting worried about my new schedule messing with my review timing for a bit but this does sound like the solution with the minimal impact.

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Well sometimes praying is the only chance I have left to get some of those pesky vocabs right. :stuck_out_tongue:


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