Does anyone else do this to their review schedule?

I do a batch of lessons each morning, and I like to space out my reviews through the day. Since review times round down to the previous hour, my reviews tend to march backwards in time. For example, if I review Apprentice 2 items at 7pm one day, I’ll have Apprentice 3 reviews available at 6pm the next day, and then Apprentice 4 reviews at 5pm two days later, and so on…

I don’t always do reviews the same hour they are unlocked, but if I manage to do it for a while then I end up with days like this:

15 items due at 1pm, 15 items at 3pm, 14 items at 4pm, 13 items at 5pm, 15 items at 6pm, 15 items at 7pm

I’m just curious how many other people do this…


For better representation I will show you tomorrows forecast for me:
I don’t have time to do reviews throughout the day. I do them in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening. I tackle new lessons in the morning. This is then also reflected in my reviews.

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I used to do this but timing messed everything up. Whenever I had free lessons I would always wait for a free slot in 4 hours to do them to balance them out.

I used to do this but then I lost my watch…

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I usually do them in the morning and evening usually. Sometimes during the day when I have some spare time.

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When I ran through WK I did them as soon as they appeared, hour for hour pretty much. Rarely leave my computer so that was kind of easy. That makes procrastination fairly hard since it’s just a little more, a little more, a little more and the satisfaction of having a clear schedule made it worth it to just go through them. That way I always ended up with a clear schedule and not a massive batch of reviews hanging over my shoulder.

I do. I usually time my lessons and reviews (in small batches of 5) to spread them as much as I can.
It’s just easier for me to do very small sessions throughout the day than to sit down and go through a whole pile once or twice.


I review three times a day, mornings around 7 or 8am, then 12 or 1pm and evenings around 8 or 9pm. If I have reviews coming at different times I ignore them and clear them on those 3 brackets.

I also always do my lessons during my lunch break (unless it’s a weekend), so I always mess up the second SRS stage because I wait until the next morning to review instead of 1am or 2am. It works for me, and I’m not in a rush to clear the levels.


I do something similar, but I prefer to start the day with my lessons (usually around 8 am, when I’m having breakfast). So I do the new lesson reviews at around 12~1 pm, and then the next one in the evening at 8~9 pm. Anything that comes at night/morning I’ll do before work, so at around 9 am. I just don’t like having reviews coming at all times in the day, because I know I’ll want to do them as soon as possible, and that just messes with my rhythm. I do occasionally do additional evening reviews, but only if I have too many items to review (I don’t like doing large review batches at night, since I’m usually tired by then.)

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Just do reviews 3 times a day the same exact time. Problem solved.

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To be clear, I don’t consider this a “problem.” As I said in the initial post, I like to spread my reviews throughout the day.


Am I doing it right?

What I usually do is I do most of my review at 8pm (about 60 items, 70-80 if there are radicals) and then do lessons (10 items(except for radicals in which case i binge all of them at once)) and do another review the next morning (usually 10-15 items)