Unable to follow WK's 4/8/11hr System

Just looking for advice! I’ve been following the 4/8/11hr system for a few months, doing reviews 3x/day at 9AM/1PM/9PM and I really love it. But I’m about to begin a new job and not sure how to maintain the schedule. Work schedule will be as follows

8AM-12PM work
12-12:30 lunch
12:30-5PM work

Just not really sure how I’ll continue to follow a WK schedule. Especially with such a short lunch break, is there time for the afternoon review? I feel like my accuracy is so much better when I can review 4 hours after my first lesson. Any tips?

What if you did your lessons after work, and your first 4 hour review just before bed?


I know I probably should follow the 4/8/11 system but often I don’t.

Do you think it will impact your recognition and recall that much?

Maybe if you know you’ll be unable to follow the schedule as you want it to you could make flash cards to review.

This is what I did and it worked well for me. It also meant that the 8 hour review was ready right when I woke up, so I could do it before work.

Lesson: 6pm
First Review: 10pm
Second Review: 6am


:open_mouth: this is the answer haha. also thanks @seanblue for giving an example!

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immensely! if I accidentally do it 5-6 hours after the first lesson, its takes me so much longer to remember things and I get more reviews wrong

thanks for your suggestion but im gonna try doing the night-time lessons!

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