Vacation (Holiday) mode?

Hello forum, a while back i believe i did came across a holiday mode where the review/lessons are suspended for the amount of time you are on holiday. I was wondering if this mode is still available and how you can activate it?

It’s still available. Go to Menu->Settings->Account and scroll down to vacation mode. (The settings on the WK dashboard page, not here in the forums.)


Thank you!

Can someone explain what does it exactly do? Does it make sense to use only when you’re out for let’s say a week? or even less?

I was on vacation mode for a month. It just pauses all of the times on your items and sets your lessons/reviews to zero so you can’t work on anything. So when you turn vacation mode off after a while, it’ll just start the clock again on your items.

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You can do it for even less. I put myself on Vacation mode for about 3 days last weekend, because I was going to be exceptionally busy making a game at a game jam. Absolutely no time for Japanese at all. I meant to turn it back on on the Monday afterwards, but was still recovering from lost sleep, so I reactivated it much later Monday evening… which messed with my reviews a little (the timings got all moved around, and by that I mean evening reviews are instead in the middle of the night, and reviews that would’ve been around 1am (before bed for me) are around 7-8am instead (before I wake up). Even though I knew to reactivate at the same time of day… I basically forgot about that (lack of sleep) and am now a bit off… but things will even out eventually.

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