Six hour gap in Wanikani...need my fix

When I wake up to start work (around 1:30am local time) there’s usually a round of reviews and/or lessons for me to tackle, but then nothing else is scheduled until 8:00am. It would be great to be able to take breaks from work and do some learning, especially during my “lunch break,” which I take around 5am. (Really, I just want an excuse to stop working for a short time and do something else “productive.”)

I find myself coming back and refreshing, on the off chance that something’s changed and there are reviews waiting for me.

The sad part is that when I go to bed around 5pm, I see more reviews scheduled for 6pm, 8pm, and so forth…when I’ll (hopefully) be sound asleep.

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I feel you. I can tell you its not gonna be too long before there’ll always be plenty waiting for you though. If your grammar needs brushing up on, I can suggest trying out bunpro since its a similar kind of review system


Awesome…I’m looking at bunpro now. Thanks!


The review intervals for the first level are a little different than the rest because it’s quicker, but generally, if you do your reviews around the same time each day, most of them will come back around that time :blush:.

One of the most popular study schedules here is to do a set amount of lessons each day, then do your reviews for the new items four hours later (which is as soon as those reviews become available), then eight hours after that. So most of your reviews will end up being roughly 12 hours after you do your lessons.

This actually seems like it could work pretty well with your schedule! If you want work to do during your lunch break, you could do your lessons when you wake up around 1am, then you’d get your first review interval for them during your lunch break at 5am, and you could do the second review interval around 1pm. Any reviews that accumulate overnight, you can either do them in the morning or during your lunch break.


Good information on how the timing works. Thank you.


No problem! If you want more detailed information on the review intervals, plus advice on making a study schedule that fits around them, there’s more information in the ultimate guide to WK!