How important do you think it is to do the 4 hour and 8 hour reviews as soon as they’re available?

A few times on this forum now I’ve seen people say that they think it’s pretty important to do them as soon as they’re available. But my issue with this is that it severely limits the time I can do lessons. I need to plan if I’ll be awake or busy 4 and 12 hours in the future. So, in your opinion, how crucial do you think it is?

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Not at all. You choose the pace.


It’s only important if you want to level up quickly. For me this meant I occasionally woke up at 3 or 4 in the morning to do reviews back when I was still leveling up. But that was my thing, doesn’t have to be yours.


You don’t need to, but it will help.

No matter your speed, having WK organized will save a lot of headaches in the future. That’s what the 12h cycles are all about. Can you do WK without it? Sure, you can. However, if one has problems dealing with WK, having a schedule will definitely help.

Now, you said you could end up getting busy. That’s okay. The problem isn’t with being busy, but with the schedule you chose to do the lessons. If you know you’ll be busy in 4/8h, just don’t do too many new lessons. For some people, skipping these intervals after doing 20 new lessons will be painful and will give them a bad start in those items. Maybe you could just do 5 lessons and you’d be okay because the load wouldn’t be that big.

Now, WK shouldn’t be a bother in your life. If it is, you’re doing it wrong. That’s why having your own schedule is important. The 4h/8h schedule can be done in 2 different times of the day: in the mornings (4h around lunch time and 8h around dinner time) and 4h before your last review (you’ll wake up the following day and do the 8h review).

I’m curious, did you read my big text somewhere around the forums about this topic?

I assume you mean if it’s important for memorising the items better. Quite simply, it depends on your 暗記力. If you find you forget items if you wait too long, then do them as soon as you can.

I often do lessons before going to bed and do the first review when I wake up, and I usually remember the items quite well.


Do them in your free time, Just don’t forget about them


I’m curious, did you read my big text somewhere around the forums about this topic?

I’ not sure if it was yours in particular but I’ve been reading a lot of posts recently to get myself used to these forums and numerous times I’ve run into something along the lines of “Make sure you do your 4h and 8h reviews on time”.

I suppose you’re right, I could do my lessons in the mornings. Unfortunately I take absolutely ages to learn new things so I’ll have to figure out some way to incorporate them into my routine. Thanks for your advice!

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I don’t think you need to be awake for 12 hours to do them all on time… I do lessons Sunday evening, first review Sunday night, and second review Monday morning after a good night’s sleep.

Apart from above comments about speed etc. the first two reviews feel more important for me because that’s when I’m most prone to forget. But whatever, if you just eventually keep doing reviews you’ll learn it all.

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Don’t worry about the 4/8 reviews that much, it is better just to make sure you get on a consistent schedule.

For example, my schedule is I do reviews after I wake up, after I get home for work, and before I go to bed. It keeps me consistent. Another thing is I also pace out me lessons, I don’t do them all at once, every session I’ll add 5-10 (not including blues which I will unlock all at once) lessons after a review depending on how many apprentice items I currently at. I personally run it around 100-125 (will be higher when I have blues at apprentice) and level about every 9 days.

Doing them literally as soon as they’re available is not important, but I’d definitely say I try and catch those the 4 and 8 hour reviews as close to their intended intervals as is feasible. For example, if I have a couple of hours in the morning but know I’m going to be busy for a solid 10-12 hours after that, I won’t do new lessons.

As others are saying, consistency is important, and you don’t want to have 2 days’ between reviews when you should have had 4 hours, but a couple of hours difference here or there won’t matter.


I often end up doing new lessons at the end of my lunch break at work, and don’t end up doing reviews until 8 AM. Which is about a 20 hour gap :grin:

I live. So I’d say “not super important”

Well, it also depends on how much one gets wrong after x interval. If you still can get most right after a big interval and you’re not in a hurry, it’s okay. However, waiting big intervals and getting a lot of stuff wrong is purely lack of organization/discipline. Not saying this to any specific user, just that this kind of questions might be too generalized sometimes (as individuality matters).

I fully expect to get most of my 20 hour gap ones wrong (Well, about half of them). That’s okay, though. After a couple of reviews they sink in. I’m not fast leveling, my goal is 2 weeks per level.

I could switch it around and do lessons first at 8 AM and then reviews at lunch, but I find my brain is most awake at 8 AM, so it’s better to do the reviews at that point since they’re tougher. Admittedly, part of the reason they’re tougher is because of that 20 hour gap, but nevertheless, I’ve tried it the other way around, and this is the way that works the best for me.

I’m with @rodrigowaick on this one. I do my new lessons before I go to bed and then the first review in the morning, and it’s been working out fine. However, I’m also not a fast leveller, but for me I feel like consistency is more important. I know that I can consistently use WK twice a day, and if I break my lessons into batches I’ll be progressing slowly but surely.

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