Using Mazec for handwriting input iOS

Does anyone have experience with using Mazec for for doing WK reviews on iOS? It’s that time of year where new iPhones are coming out and I’m definitely due for an upgrade. I want to stick with an Apple phone but a lot Android phones have the advantage of being able to easily use Japanese handwriting input for the majority of apps and I would love to be able to do the same.

Thanks all!

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I have the mazec app for Japanese input and it’s doing OK, but you definitely need to train it a bit before it can reliably distinguish what you are typing. It is very sensitive when there are a bit larger distances between letters, but it gets better gradually.

But I have an iPad with pen so I don’t know how nice it is with your fingers.

Finally, you can only use kana input for WK, if you want to write kanji you have to use kaniwani instead.

Thanks for that. As long as I can do both it’s all good. It’s more just making sure that the handwriting input works at an acceptable level, I’ve used some other handwriting input methods for iOS and they have been terrible to say the least.

@Cal, How did it go? I am in this situation - it’s not exactly cheap, but if it works, I will definitely get it, since I haven’t heard of any alternatives.

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