Apps with Apple Pencil support?

I got an Apple Pencil for my iPad, and was wondering if there are good apps out there to learn stroke order etc of Kanji? Ideally with WaniKani integration, so that I’m only asked for Kanji that I know already?


I tried Skritter a few years ago and liked it on Android. They had a few hundred kanji for free, and it was subscription beyond that. I haven’t used it on iPad, but I know it’s available.

I did notice this review on Skritter’s site, though:

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Thanks! I‘ll check it out!

If you do try it, I’d be curious to hear back what you think, good and bad. I think the app was relatively new when I tried it out years ago, and I wonder how much it has changed/progressed.

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If you’re looking for a free option, I used KameSame to practice writing kanji for a while. Though it doesn’t have a dedicated feature for it, the iPad comes with scribble support for Japanese, so when you write kanji it’ll automatically input it. I used a dictionary app to learn the stroke order during the lessons, then wrote them into KameSame as the reviews came up. Not a perfect system, but helped solidify a lot of kanji knowledge for me.

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It’s not an app but I use for this

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