Ios kanji+kana keyboard

Does anyone know of an iOS keyboard that has handwriting recognition for Japanese characters?
I want to use it to write kanji and kana on kamesame, instead of swapping Google Translate and browser and copy/pasting constantly.

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Hmm as far as writing kanji go, you could get the Chinese (Traditional) → Handwriting keyboard on iOS

However, that doesn’t recognize kana, so you could also get the standard Japanese keyboard for inputting any kana and then quickly switch to the Chinese handwriting one for kanji :thinking:

Searching through the App Store, I only found one. It’s got no ratings and costs money, so I don’t know if you’re willing to go out on a limb and try it out?
I’m hitting copy link and it’s just giving me the name of the app, sorry. But it’s called Handwriting Keyboard by Catalystwo Limited.
I can’t actually recommend it, having never tried it, but it looks like the sort of thing you want.


After using Android from the beginning (and using the kana/kanji handwriting keyboard with no problems), I was actually seriously thinking about trying out an iOS device. I guess I’m cancelling my order now, no kana/kanji handwriting recognition is a dealbreaker for me.

It looks promising!

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