Ipad + Apple Pencil + WaniKani?

Does anyone know if there would be a way to write in answers for reviews using an apple pencil + Ipad? I want more practice writing in hiragana/katana and I don’t love relying on keyboard.

Thanks so much!

Use Apple Pencil with your iPad - Apple Support there’s a section a bit lower down called " Write with Apple Pencil", maybe that’s what you are looking for?
Otherwise on android I sometimes use Gboards handwriting capability to do this, that works usually pretty well, might be worth looking for a keyboard like that.


Ohhh yes I think I figured it out! It’s a little finnicky but I think it works. Thank you so much!

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I sometimes use the iPadOS scribble feature but prefer using the Mazec keyboard because it’s much easier to see what I’m writing, and I’ve found it more precise when recognizing kanji. It is a paid app, but has worked quite well for my use cases.


Oh this could be perfect! I didn’t even know this existed. So will this app override the keyboard when I’m using WaniKani so I can “draw” in hiragana/katakana?

I’m not 100% sure what you mean by override the keyboard because it’s also a “keyboard,” but this is what it looks like:

I usually have it hovered to the side like this. You keep writing by just writing over the greyed out character. so for this example I’d write ぼ over the greyed out せい, and I’d either just tap the せいぼ that would show up with the green underline at the top left corner, or tap enter to input the hiragana to the 答え field.

It can also be full width. Something to note is that it will try to guess the kanji for what you write in kana, so in this example it guessed 歳暮, as well as 聖母 and 生母.

Hope this helps!


OMG yes! Just downloaded and it’s perfect.

Thank you so much for the detailed overview. Excited to improve my writing ability :muscle:

You’re the best!


Great, glad it’s what you were looking for! 頑張って!


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