Any good iPad App to learn writing Japanese?

I am looking into buying an iPad app that will allow me to learn how to write Kana as well as Kanji. Do you guys have any recommendation for me?

Thank you in advance!

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I’m using Anki for my writing studies. It has a field where you can write in (but you need to check yourself, there is no support for that). I’m usually writing on paper anyways so I’m not bothered with that. I think the movement skill is quite different when writing with a pencil compared to with a finger (although if you have a pen for your iPad, that might be different). For the stroke order I’m using a special font that has the stroke order built-in which I find super-convenient.

Just be warned that Anki for iOS comes with a price tag and that it’s not for everybody. I don’t want to start a religious fight though :sweat_smile: so if you don’t know it yet, maybe you can try it out and see for yourself.


I’ve liked using this on my iPad:

It’s 99 cents IAP to get the writing practice. They also have one for kana:


Thank you for the recommendation. I will try it out!

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i used robokana for the kana but it changed recently and although more polished it’s not as adequate for me as it was. I reset and i did not like the pacing as much.

other than that it’s good for practicing writing in big letters: they take up a large portion of the screen. I use my fingers so it works for me. You need to be pretty close to the correct letter to pass. You draw inside a square with dashed lines and the first time you learn you have a faint mark to follow.

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