Userstyle to give the new forums back their old colour and texture

:warning: This is a third-party script/app and is not created by the WaniKani team. By using this, you understand that it can stop working at any time or be discontinued indefinitely.

Nothing fancy, whipped up in 2 minutes. I’ve never actually published a userstyle before so if this doesn’t work that’s why.

EDIT: Version Dots!












Oh thank goodness! Was about to pull out the sunglasses!

Edit - ahhh, beautiful, beautiful grey!


(Thanks for trying)

Thank you so much! This is way easier on my eyes. Much appreciated. (死ぬほど明るかった…)

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much better. ありがとう!!!

screenshot of what it looks like?

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User Style:

Since this isn’t a user script, how does one install this?
I look forward to giving it a try. My eyes are burning. XD

Use an addon like “Stylish”

I do not have such a thing… but also, I don’t see a difference at all in your two screenshots, tenderwaffles. : /
EDIT: also I’m on firefox…

One image has a white background and the other has a gray background?

They both look STARK white to me. No difference.

Although I do know my monitor is set a bit brighter than most peoples (I have it like this for art and games… super high contrast).

Even so, the old WK forums were grey for me. And your screenshot is not… (Thanks for the firefox link!)

That’s quite interesting. One screenshot has a #FFF white coloured background, whereas the other has an #EEE grey background with a texture overlaid. (if hex codes mean anything to you lol)

If you click the link, there’s an option to install it without having to install Stylish first, which is what I did. Surprised you can’t see the difference; it’s a massive difference to me. I’m very sensitive to the harsh white!

It does. Oh… because EEE is still very bright. Makes sense. I think the forums were darker than that, probably.

Is it something I can fiddle with the code of myself? If so, awesome! (I can hex the shit out of it!)

You know what, expanding the both of them, I can notice the difference without seeing it - your style still looks stark white, but my eyes hurt less… loading the other screenshot hurt more. But they both look the same. O.o


Yeah, go crazy lol. I think I figured out the issue, you’re thinking of the grey of the POSTS, I’ve only changed the forum background, not the posts. I’m going to try that now though.

Oh yay! Yes, that’s what I meant, indeed!

Because this is all white. (I’ve installed but not reloaded Firefox… it’s 4am now, and I’ve been up since 8:30… I think I’ll go to bed. I work the same time on Thursday morning too, so I can’t sleep in forever tomorrow…)

EDIT: And thank you! ^^

Lol well when you wake up I’ll have a second version ready with the darker posts. I’m tweaking it now.

I look forward to it. Thanks again. : D