Userscripts on Android (Browser)

Makes sense, thats one of the reasons I started using the Anki script tho. Even though I was reluctant to do so in the past (thought it would be bad for memorisation) I actually dont feel like it is worse or better than inserting the answer yourself. And it made everything wayyyy faster on mobile ^^

Here you go @Glias



This is pretty awesome, @neicul !

Alex, thanks for pointing this out to me. I don’t have firefox on my phone… yet that may change soon. Will definitely be looking into this for my tablet, as Habit Browser (which can sort of take userscripts directly via copy+pasting the code) hasn’t been successful with most of the scripts I use (and was very clunky with the few that do, only partially working).


You’re a new kitty. ADORBS!

Thank you for this thread, it’s great. :smiley:

A few notes though:

  1. it’s impossible to edit the scripts on android (firefox) either before or after installing them
  2. it’s impossible to uninstall scripts - you’ve gotta uninstall violentmonkey entirely and then reinstall the scripts that do work.

A couple of scripts that work on android:

Doesn’t work last I tried:

I’m glad the lesson filter works on android. I never tested it there, but I was hoping it would work on mobile devices.

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Just tried it on Firefox android and lessons seem to work fine, auto-play audio too.

This was maddening…

If you figure out another way, let me know plz.

One of my theories is that android violentmonkey can’t handle script updates - which might mean that every time a script gets updated, we’ll need to uninstall and reinstall everything.

That’s unfortunate, but sounds like a complaint that needs to be lobbed at the developers of that addon.

Actually, you can manually update the scripts, I was making a lot of changes to the anki script and tested it by uploading different versions, but they all seemed to update the original script that was installed in violentmonkey instead of creating multiple instances.

Luckily I have not yet had to remove any scripts from my phone, but that does indeed suck if that’s the only way to remove them :\

Ok, actually I found a solution on how to access the scripts manager:

open a link to a script install page. The url should be something like:

All you then have to do is remove the last part from the url and go. Like this:

I’d recommend saving the url in your bookmarks or something. The reason you have to go to a script first is because the extension url seems to be randomized personally so you can’t just copy paste mine :wink:


I love you so much!!! Thank you!!!

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Greatly enjoying using firefox on android so I can reorder. Just one bug: every time I type kana (using romaji) in a quiz, it copies previous kana I typed and I have to go back and delete them. Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution?

Yeah, I have the same problem. I only need to use the reorder on firefox once a week after leveling up, so I never bothered in trying to find a solution.

I do wonder if typing with the Japanese keyboard would fix the problem.

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Looks like this bug is fixed. A thousand thanks to the hero who fixed it!

Btw, why use Violentmonkey ? isTampermonkey doesn’t work well ?

@neicul thanks so much for posting this!

I usually use iOS but I miss some of these scripts so much when I’m on mobile (I hate typing on mobile, it is so slow!) and am considering using some Android device just for WaniKani so that I can install userscripts. But I was slightly annoyed because that meant that I would have to e.g. modify the Anki mode script so that it has buttons and work around other bugs. So it was a really nice surprise to find this thread and find out that someone already did that work and I can now just focus on my pile of reviews instead. Thank you! :slight_smile:

@Allquest Tampermonkey is (or at least wasn’t) working well on mobile for me.

@irrelephant Np, glad it’s useful! I can’t live without the anki script anymore :stuck_out_tongue: it makes reviews sooooo much faster (esp on mobile) :smiley:

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