[Question/Request] Is there a script to toggle audio autoplay while doing a lesson?

The title says it all. There are often people in and out of my room while I’m studying, and headphones don’t work out in the scenario. Is there a way to toggle audio autoplay on/off during a lesson/review so I can get the audio exposure at least some of the time?

I haven’t been able to find anything that interacts with WK’s audio so I’m not sure it’s modifiable using the API.


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It is inside Account Settings.

Read again: during

I wish, since my audio autoplay sometimes toggles itself off and I don’t want to exit out of my reviews to toggle it back on. If anything exists I’d like to know too!

As for you, for now… I suggest the volume control. :wink:

What’s the issue with just pressing ‘J’ to play the audio?

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I never turn the audio on in WaniKani, anyways. I play the audio for the whole sentence in Core 10K – the workaround? I just mute the whole computer.

Yes you can press J. Unless you’re on mobile.

If the OP is on mobile how do you expect them to run a script?

Ah, you got me there. Point DiMono.

I appreciate the responses. Unfortunately muting the computer won’t work since the roomie is often watching Youtube videos on my other screen. For some reason the keyboard shortcuts on WaniKani only seem to work for me intermittently. Since I only have the access to audio sometimes, I’m not sure I can/should get in the habit of pressing J. I guess that’s my best option though. Thank you all for weighing in!

Actually… I haven’t tested yet but…

Really cool that they have mobile versions of those plugins! I usually just use the user-made WaniKani app if I’m on mobile, but if I find any scripts I absolutely have to have that aren’t already incorporated I’ll try them in Chrome. The app already incorporates the ‘override wrong answer’ script, which is 100% necessary on mobile because autocorrect is not my friend.

Thanks for sharing.