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After more discussions on distinguishing Reading/Meaning questions during reviews and pointing to a non existent script, I figured I might as well at least produce one.

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This script replaces the word Reading with a chosen alternative (default Japanese) and Meaning with a chosen alternative (default English). It does not change radical items. Starting with version 1.4 the script also works for the lesson quiz.

meaning_replaced reading_replaced

Starting with version 1.1 you can also choose the background color for the Reading/Meaning bar.
*Note the pink/purple background of the item currently has no indication of whether the question is for the meaning or the reading so I’ve left it unchanged at this point.


The script has no dependencies and no settings, but you can customise via the constants at the top of the script


version date change
1.0 2021-2-7 initial version - allows replacement of Reading/Meaning text during reviews
1.1 2021-2-8 allow color of Reading/Meaning bar to be changed during reviews
1.2 2021-2-9 same behaviour during lesson quiz *has bugs
1.3 2021-2-9 bugfix for lesson quiz behaviour *has bugs
1.4 2021-2-10 bugfix for lesson quiz behaviour (2)
1.4.1 2022-3-4 included support for extra study URL

This thread shall not perish, but have eternal life! :cat2:

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