Is there a script that forces readings and meaning to occur one after the other?

I’m finding that I am able to tell the meaning of an item and reading seperately, but the association between the reading and the meaning aren’t coming as easily. I think this has to do with the gap between when each is tested/taught. Is there a script for making sure that each item’s reading and meaning are bulkedd together?

I don’t know anything about such a script but I import all my WK items into KameSame after 1 or 2 SRS intervals for EN->JP reviews and only submit the answers after I verbalize and then write them. That may solve your problem.

Not sure about scripts, but the app flaming durtles allows this.

It’s available as a setting in [Userscript]: Reorder Ultimate 2 [newest]. The main downside is that when you get a review wrong, it’ll come back for re-review immediately instead of happening sometime later based on random chance.


I use this, but surprisingly I did significantly worse over time for the little time I was using the reading+meaning order (1x1). I don’t really know why, but seeing meanings and readings randomly helps me solidify the items much better. OP, you might have a different experience, it doesn’t hurt to try!


thats probably because doing them in a row like that would associate the readings and meaning together but would make you associate each of them with the kanji less


I don’t know about you, but when I answer the meaning or reading separately I always repeat both answers in my head. So in a sense, reviewing them separately gives me twice as much exposure.


I see. Well, I was thinking of maybe trying to make my own script, so perhaps making a script for the sole purpose of what I was going for is a better solution, since it’ll achieve the goal and teach me something about userscripts. I’ll look into Reorder Ultimate 2 anyway :smiley:

If you build your own, looking at the code from scripts like Reorder Ultimate and Lesson Filter will definitely help.

Yeah. I’ll familiarise myself with wkof and them :smiley: