Userscript which shows meaning after correct reading answer?

During a review session, when I’ve correctly answered BOTH the meaning and reading, I’d like to see/hear all learned information together (as a quick reinforcement of what I learned).

If the meaning quiz is 2nd, Review audio tweak 2 adds the audio, so that’s helpful.

When the reading quiz is 2nd, the audio plays automatically, but I’d like to see the meaning appear as well. Does anyone know of a script for this (or want to suggest one)?


You could just press F (or show info) and I think Space to see all info? Or do you specifically want it to open by itself?

Thanks Saida - That does work :slight_smile: I’m actually looking for something automatic which shows the meaning in the same field of view as the kanji. So, my brain can absorb them together. I’ll keep playing with it…

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You can hover over the items on the review summary screen to get the info, as well. That way you can choose to do only the items you got wrong, or only from a certain srs level.

Thanks Saida - I appreciate your suggestions, but I’m actually looking for a specific answer to a specific question. Perhaps I’ll start a new thread and try to ask it in a more clear way :slight_smile:

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