[Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Hover Details

That’s pretty neat! I think the current level phrasing makes more sense as well!

As for @Rrwrex commenting that it’s always vocab, don’t forget that WK can and will move/add radicals and kanji

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So you’d get value out of seeing the current level amounts in parentheses compared to the current version where there’s just a total per type?

Yes, I would. I like to make sure I’m finished with N-1 before leveling up to N+1 so I know I am not abusing reordering. I think a feature like this could help with that.

Just for me, when I’m on desktop, I enjoy looking at all the stats, so I think it would add more of a synergy (especially with the Review Hover Details giving a full level breakdown of reviews)

That being said, other scripts (such as my own) could technically provide this information, so it isn’t critical if you really didn’t want to add/maintain this.

I’m not following. There must be some post-level-60 thing I’m not groking.

Before leveling up, aren’t all of the items you wish to finish normally “current level”? (Ignoring WK moves/adds.)

And for several days after leveling up, aren’t the “N-1” items prior level items that you want to finish before starting on the current level (“N+1”) items?

It’s a reorder script thing. When people don’t use a reorder script responsibly they can basically skip all vocab from all levels. So you have to be careful to not get too behind when using a script like that.


At this very moment, I’m on level 32 (N). Before I level up to 33 (N+1), I want to have completed at least all level 31 (N-1) vocabulary even if I hadn’t had a 0/0 this level, since reordering makes it possible to not have done so (level-up merely requires 90% of kanji, which on “slow” levels requires at least one radical, but never any vocab)

Like Seanblue said, I have never been level 60. It’s the reordering.

(emphasis mine)

I should probably install a reordering script just to understand it better (I’m still confused). Sorry to be dense, but I want to understand. Does your lesson queue currently have anything other than level 31 and 32 items?

Are you saying that when you level up to 33, you might have both level 32 and level 31 vocab still in your lesson queue? Genuine curiosity, no snark: if that’s possible but you don’t want it to happen, why do you use reordering? I’m missing something. Don’t the reordering scripts still allow you to order lessons by level (in ascending order)?

This seems completely alien to me: at no point have I ever had more than two levels of items in my lesson queue (ignoring WK adds/moves).

[I find a _lot_ of value doing all the vocab for a level before proceeding (if I understand you correctly, you do, too). Frankly, my understanding would be _much_ worse if I somehow allowed _lessons_ from prior levels to accumulate.]

Maybe a concrete example would help me understand better. What does your level 32 lesson queue look like right now?

In my case, I leveled up to 44 a few days ago, but have only unlocked the first batch of kanji on level 44. I’ve completed all my lessons for level 43 vocabulary. At the moment I see:

For me right now, it would be redundant to display “current level” counts in parentheses because 100% are “current level”. Once I guru 90% of the level 44 items, I’ll level up, unlocking level 45 items. At that point, my lesson queue will contain previous level (n-1, level 44) vocabulary items and the first batch of r/k from level 45 (n). At that point, the previous level (44) count is still more interesting than the current level (45) count, though, no?

Prior counts tell me how many more lessons I need to do before I’ll start seeing level 45 items. They let me know when level 45 will really start. Total counts (prior + current) are also informative, as they tell me when I’m likely to level up and the types of items I’ll see. But I still don’t understand the use for current level counts. Current is normal, it’s the others I want to know about.

What does your lesson queue look like currently, and what will it look like when you get to 33? How would you use “current level” counts differently than the total counts? Why is current more informative than prior?

Sorry for the long post and so many questions, but I’d like to understand.


It’s empty (but I don’t always get to this in a level)

If you wanted a concrete example from earlier: 30 vocab L31 + 30 vocab L32 + nothing else

Faster speed :wink:

Radicals are easy so I do them as soon as I level up even though I have vocab


So you mean you don’t always want to do vocab from the prior level first?

Wouldn’t you still be more interested in the number of prior level vocab though?

I still don’t understand why you prefer current level counts over prior level counts (in addition to total).

At this point, you’ve already done all the unlocked level 32 kanji and radicals. You have 60 total items in your queue.

If I understand correctly, you want to finish those 30 L31 items before your reviews guru the L32 kanji required to level up.

I still don’t quite understand why the L32 count is more interesting to you at this point than the L31 count.

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Yes, that’s true. It’s a stylistic choice. Prior is a negative catch-all term (there could be a new addition to level 1 in there) whereas current level is a single level.

I’m usually on mobile which presents me with the current level numbers so I’m always doing the math. :stuck_out_tongue:

I see. Current is always one level, but prior might be multiple.

But, if I understand correctly, if we are presented with prior counts, we’re done (neither of us would bother doing the simple subtraction to come up with the current count).

If presented with current, we both need to do the math to come up with prior. Not hard, just seems silly since we’re both after prior.

(To completely kick this dead horse to the ground! Mea culpa.)

This thread is about this script. I requested adding prior-level counts, and hacked a version for my own use that satisfied my needs. You then asked about the status of the feature and whether it will be added.

@seanblue reasonably asked if there was sufficient demand: whether to leave it as is, or publish a version that let you choose whether to see total+current, total+prior, or just total.

You and I both want total+prior. I’m just pointing out that nobody is asking for total+current, and I fail to see a use-case for it.

(Sorry PM habits: any new features come with a cost. It’s important to understand exactly what’s requested and the use-case. Deciding not to implement is reasonable. Implementing the requested feature is reasonable. Implementing a slightly different feature is rarely reasonable.)

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I guess I don’t care which way OP picks any more. I hope to see it published but whether they pick prior, current, or both doesn’t matter to me.

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Think of yourself as one out of a thousand customers and me as the PM in this case. Usually a PM has some vision for a product and requests contrary to that vision often won’t get implemented. Honestly, I think your request is a little odd and the chances of me releasing a version of the script with only the option to show prior level numbers in parentheses is precisely zero. I understand where you’re coming from, but to me current level is more relevant than prior, which is why I’d emphasize that (if anything) in the popup. Besides, at this point I’ve already implemented a version where it’s configurable, so there’s really no point in debating which data should be shown since both options would be available. Now I have to decide whether releasing this version will cause more harm than good (e.g. by confusing people with this new information and it not being obvious that it’s configurable). I’m not really sure how to determine that though since people rarely visit these script threads.


Personally, I think it would be very clear to show the current level, if that’s the format you choose. Every WK user knows what a current level item is!

You could always ask for second opinions on the 49th POLL thread to help decide. Perhaps some of them use this script already anyways!


I’ll let it die after this. I promise. :slight_smile:

Isn’t that last bit the debate, though?

I’m satisfied with my own version of the script, and would also use the proposed version configured to show prior. I won’t use the existing version. Just one user, but it’s feedback.

I was just pointing out that two of us at least care about finishing prior level items before current level and would like to know that count, whether displayed directly or by doing the mental math with the current level count.

It’s certainly your call whether or not to implement (as I’ve stated).

I pushed up the change to show current level counts in parentheses by default. This can be changed back to the old behavior or changed to show prior level counts in parentheses instead by changing the variable levelSetting to None or PriorLevels instead of the default value of CurrentLevel.


very nice addition to my collection of scripts, thank you!

(set to show prior levels in parentheses, btw) ^^


Have just installed the script with level setting options on prior levels too!

I’m a noob when it comes to scripts and have never edited a script since I started installing them very recently. This way my very first! :raised_hands:

Thank you for such a useful, straightforward script! Will definitely help me keep track of those vocab from prior levels that I still need to do.