[Userscript] Wanikani Item Inspector


I’m sure you won’t get ahead of yourself, just be you and do what you’re best at: finding solutions, getting inspired, and knowing the greatness of wine! :wink:

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Thanks for the awesome script! :heart:

I noticed that (at least on my end) some of the icons in the control bar are not showing up correctly. Wanikani seems to have moved to a newer version of FontAwesome and some icons have different unicode values which leads to conflicts with the different versions. The easiest way to fix this would be to remove the font-family: Font Awesome; property on line 376 in WaniKani Item Inspector.user.js. This changes how the control bar looks, as newer icons are a bit different with different weights, but at least personally I think it looks a bit better.




Version 1.23.1 is available - Please download it at the link in the top post.

This implements the change proposed by @Maindi concerning the icons in the control bar.


trying to export a table and running into this… assuming it’s because of all the stupid wk ui changes ugh… any thoughts?

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Item Inspector is a dashboard script. It should not be affected by the UI changes because they are specific to reviews, lessons and extra study panels. The problem is elsewhere.

I am unable to reproduce your problem. Everything seems ok on my end. I will need a screen shot of your export and filters settings to go further.

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thanks…I’m working I’ll get back to you…see if I can narrow it down later tonight :slight_smile:

not sure what it is but was able to narrow it down and replicate with this:

setting the use of quotes to always or only … would trigger that error… If I say never use quotes …works fine…

hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks. This is useful information. I will investigate when I have the time.

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not really a problem was able to export w/o quotes so nothing urgent… probably just one of those things that someone hasn’t used much :wink:

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Version 1.23.2 is available - Please download from the link in the top post

Fixes the bug reported by @shuly and another one I discovered while testing.


Version 1.24.0 is available - Please download from the link in the top post

Adds support for kana only vocabulary.

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Thank you for your excellent script. I’m using it to output to spreadsheets and then into custom Anki decks to tidy up after finishing L60.

Please tell me if you have a way of accepting compensation for your fine work.

One of my other favourite scripts is Keisei Phonetic-Semantic Composition.

:star: Is there some way to get the valuable info from that script into one of the Export Columns of your script? :star:

Same goes for the excellent Kanji Search script:


Both of these would be very good to have in the exported CSVs.

Thank you for your feedback. I am glad you find Item Inspector useful. I make this script out of passion and there is no way to compensate be other than saying good words about my script.

I will consider if there is a way to export the Keisei data to csv. This will require some coding because there is currently no export feature for Keisei data. I make no promise at this point.

I will not export Kanji Search data because this data is not accessed by Item Inspector and I don’t plan to expand Item Inspector in this direction. Your best chance is by asking Kanji Search author if they would provide an export function to their site.

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