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I made this script because I always forget who, or what, people are. It is especially hard when they change avatars or names, or in some cases both looking at you @TamanegiNoKame (ノꐦ ⊙曲ఠ)ノ彡┻━┻


It adds an invisible input field to the right of users’ names and titles, this can be used to enter a “tag” which will then be displayed on all the user’s posts.


Looks like usual when you haven’t added a tag

But if you click by the name you see there’s a field in which you can type

This will then appear on all their posts

Where to get


How to use

When the script is running just click in the empty space to the side of a user’s name and start typing the desired tag. When you’ve finished press enter to apply it.


Nice script.
We also want a script for tagging WK items too. just like Kanji Damage does. :pray:


It took me way too long to get around to installing this script


Mainly just posting so more people see it